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Caspeco has everything you need to manage your staff, guests, POS system and analysis



Caspeco Guest is equal parts accessible and smart for both guests and the front of house and kitchen staff. It gives you a close and direct dialogue with the guest, enabling your business to sell and develop in an increasingly digitalised society. This can lead to great success, with better occupancy, satisfied guests and efficient operation.

À la carte, sports bar, game centre or bowling alley – whatever your business, you get a system that suits you. Guests can make reservations themselves and make menu selections online. They then get a confirmation by email or text. Moreover, the staff gets the right information when reservations are rich in detail.

We also handle more complex activities, like event conferencing and catering bookings. You can send quotes and confirmations by email directly from the system. And, thanks to an open API, it can be integrated with other systems. Accessibility is the name of the game. From here, you can easily manage the entire flow from quote to payment, on all types of devices.

Close to your guests
Your guests want what they want, when they want it. With Caspeco Guest, you can easily handle it by the guests being able to communicate with the pub through the channels they are comfortable with. You can work with a loyalty programme that rewards guests based on what they actually do and buy, and work with bonus points, discounts and gift cards.

Paying should be both easy and flexible. Whether the guest chooses to pay in advance, on site, in arrears, or by Swish, credit card, invoice or loyalty account, we have a payment solution that is fully integrated with the rest of the Caspeco suite. The system consists of:

• An API for payments.
• A consumer portal where the user can administrate their own information.
• A portal where you can manage your system and compile reports for accounting.

Last Grab helps you fill empty seats in real time. Through your booking system, we can see exactly when occupancy needs to be increased and automatically send your offer to a large number of private individuals. These individuals have actively chosen to receive the offer, both via our own channels and through partners. The guests make reservations, free of charge, via the site or the app.



  • Table booking
  • Online booking
  • PM management
  • Ordering in online booking or from menu flyer
  • Confirmations via text or email
  • Guest communication
  • Guest surveys

Events, conferences and catering

  • The entire booking flow from quote to invoice
  • Customised quote and confirmation templates
  • Unique PM to each department
  • Statistics and follow-up (of behaviour)

Operations and owners

  • Resource planning
  • Planning and evaluating booking operations
  • Control of online booking
  • Continuous overview of booking status

Ordering/Mobile orders

  • Increased sales
  • Simplified procedures
  • Reduced costs
  • Targeted marketing
  • Fully integrated with POS system
  • Effective dialogue between guest, front of house, and kitchen
  • Optimal flow in production


  • Card payment
  • Invoice
  • Swish
  • Loyalty account


  • Keep the best guests coming back
  • More personal information based on behaviour
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Bonus points
  • Digital coupons
  • Gift and punch cards

Last grab

  • Integrated marketing channel
  • Fill empty seats


Caspeco POS is a proven, smart and adaptable system – simple to use for both you and your guests. Natural interplay and a modern digital flow give experience and delivery a whole new dimension. This benefits everyone.

The system is fully integrated with the rest of the Caspeco suite, harmonising the information and optimising execution and analysis. It enables you to handle all different ordering and payment methods. The guest can pay at home, on site, in advance or in arrears. When it comes to the order flow, you can keep what is working well while opening your mind to the new society and all the opportunities it offers.

Customised POS in the cloud
The POS module consists of iPads connected to the cloud, with menus customised based on where, when and how they will be used. The solutions are portable, scalable and secure. The system is developed in close collaboration with guests, users and partners to meet the demands of both guests and the market.

Integrate and get full control
POS communicates with open APIs so that the systems can be integrated with each other. The back office support is well developed with statistics, reports and analysis functions. It can be easily expanded to suit your needs, in collaboration with our developers. We also ensure that you have full control over your inventory and your raw material costs.

The POS system is the heart of a business in many ways. It is important to have a calm, strong and healthy pulse that keeps up with all the fluctuations a living business must contend with.


  • User-friendly
  • Intuitive interface
  • Self-service
  • Dynamic menus
  • Personal codes
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Developable
  • Easy to learn
  • Unlimited number of integrated payment terminals

Mobile orders

  • App for the consumer
  • Digital ticket screens
  • Customer displays
  • Fully integrated with POS

"Pay at table"

  • Take payment at the table
  • Split bills
  • Printout of receipt/digital receipt


  • Balance online
  • Easily create different measuring points
  • Online connection to other systems

Raw material costs

  • Articles
  • Composite products
  • Menus
  • Events


  • Daily receipts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Reconciliation


  • iOS, iPads
  • Certified POS in the cloud
  • Natural backup
  • Latest generation payment terminals and payment methods


Caspeco HR offers everything from scheduling and a time clock to daily reconciliation and payroll. It quickly gives you an overview of needs, availability and payroll expenses. It even makes payroll runs easier. It saves time that you can then use for other purposes.

Our Schedule view contains all the functionality you need. It also shows real costs and expected payroll percentage. And you can easily compare payroll expenses against the forecast or the previous year. The staff, in turn, has full insight into what they need to do via the app, where they can view their scheduled shifts, find and switch shifts, and see how they worked. They also get access to news and documents that are relevant to them.

If it is time to hire new workers, you can simply add our job vacancy link on your website and get applications directly in the system.

Payroll made easy
The Payroll tool includes a time clock, ID registration system and daily reconciliation. Daily reconciliation helps you keep tabs on payroll expenses, and managers can approve and correct the staff's times. The time clock and time reports are integrated with the payroll system. During the payroll run, you are guided through the process step by step so you know what you need to do. At the same time, the accounting records and employer declaration are created, along with reporting to FORA, holiday conversion and reports. Caspeco HR also offers tools for distributing and paying out tips, which are automatically loaded from the POS system. Everything is handled electronically and the Accounting department receives detailed data. The system gives you all of the data and reports required by the Swedish Tax Agency.


  • Mobile app for staff
  • Push notifications
  • Requestable shifts
  • Switching of shifts
  • Payroll percentage directly in the Schedule view


  • Clock in/out according to schedule
  • Approve or correct schedule deviations
  • Simple absence management
  • Digital ID registration


  • Easy to hire staff
  • Staff clock in/out, you approve
  • Time and salary are fully integrated


  • Sign certificate of employment digitally
  • Sign customised documents


  • Management according to Swedish Tax Agency rules
  • Avoid need to handle cash
  • Pay directly to the account when you want
  • Staff see their tips in the app


Planning and follow-up are often crucial to a company’s long-term success. With our tools, you have full oversight of every hour, day, week, month, season and year for all parts of your business.

Caspeco Analysis is integrated with our other modules and with all of the market's leading POS systems. This means that we can show you how things went every day – with the correct figures.

We measure the different departments separately, so that each department can evaluate its specific part of operations. You can then steer and evaluate operations, at the right level, based on set goals, forecasts, budget or the previous year.

Compare, measure and evaluate
Caspeco AIR is our web-based analysis platform with a number of ready-to-use analysis tools for you to dig your teeth into. You can use Benchmark to compare yourself with competitors or with your results the previous year. Top Lists and Boston Matrix help you review your product mix and start selling the “right” products. My City is a tool that shows you how things are going for local competitors day by day. Last, but not least, we have Dashboards, where you can decide what you want to see and measure – and how you want this to be presented. Choose between graphs and tables. You can look at the data from different angles and, in principle, create whatever analyses you want. If data is missing in the system, we can import it to the analysis platform so that all analyses are in one place. Thus, you get the results for all parts of operations in real time, directly from your phone or tablet.

Reach your goals
Caspeco Controller helps you with analyses, and supports you in the long-term process of steering your operating economy towards set goals. You get oversight of key figures, and the tool gives you early warning of any negative trends. Like any good controller would.

Operating economy

  • See actual outcome each day and the expected results for tomorrow
  • Teach those responsible what affects the bottom line
  • Steer towards set goals
  • Controller


  • Evaluate the outcome
  • Create own analyses
  • Understand connections
  • See trends


  • Benchmark
  • Top Lists
  • Matrix
  • My City
  • Dashboards


Payment on your own terms – and your guests’ terms.


We are happy to contact you and tell you more