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Caspeco is the hospitality industry's premier ERP system. The solutions cover the entire chain from booking, ordering and payment to scheduling, time reporting and payroll. It also includes powerful and easy-to-use analysis tools that give full insight into operations, in real time and in mobile devices.

A word from Per

Caspeco has been developed together with our customers and users as developers. This is because our only goal is to improve our customers’ operations and profitability. If we can do this, our own business will thrive.

We must be in perpetual motion, with continuous maintenance of current customers and functions. At the same time, we will lead the development of new solutions inspired by customers and the world around us. Caspeco shall be characterised by responsiveness, ingenuity and quality. We want others to want to partner with us and become part of the “Caspeco family”, a family already full of talented members.

With this approach, we succeed in achieving user-friendliness, rapid development, and customised system functionality. And, naturally, good growth for Caspeco!

Per Söderqvist

Owner and Founder

Business concept

Caspeco offers a comprehensive ERP system primarily intended for the hospitality industry that makes operations modern, simple and intelligent. With the best digital solutions, we make it possible for everyone to concentrate on what is important and to create job satisfaction, happy guests, and profitability.


We want to help our customers succeed. A simpler path to profitability!


Wherever you are in the world, you will meet a satisfied Caspeco customer who is thriving with our solutions.

Legacy and a history that carries us forwards

By restaurateurs for restaurateurs.

360, think all the way

Revenue: Guests should consume, enjoy, exist.
Cost: Employees should produce, thrive, work.
Analysis: Owner/management/operations should analyse, develop, create value.






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