We never compromise on quality. We strive for perfection and want to really do something unique good. In addition, we want to be good people with high morals who tell the truth. We have neither the time nor the inclination to trouble.


If we just do it right, we will sooner or later overtaken. We must dare to test new solutions and to reconsider old truths. It may well be wrong, then, we learn, adjust and come out stronger from it all. Even more right! We are simply curious people.


How much we are growing, we are in the heart a small family business. And families are crying, laughing, having a good time , celebrate, help with the dishes, pines, takes something refreshing, discuss, do their homework properly, arguing … why do we react when we lose a customer (small as it is), ask how it is when someone looks feel bad and become euphoric when the family grows. For when the heart is in it becomes so much more fun!


We help each other. All may not have the time, expertise or ability to solve each problem, but we can always try on your own or ask a colleague for help. Accordingly, we have no sourdough, bullshit, or the like, we are down to earth and energetic. We never leave any unseen or something undone.